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An all in, full person approach to run coaching

Being certified in coaching athletes from a mental performance and full human perspective, having lived experience with mental and physical health challenges that affect many athletes, and being extraordinary at building relationships with my athletes are assets that help me to support my athletes as they level up their running performance and LIFE performance.

C4 Certified Coach

CC-Certification (web friendly).png

As a certified Coaches Collective coach, I take a values-driven approach to coaching. I understand the role that mental health plays in performance, injury recovery, and creating a fulfilling, sustainable athletic process.  My ability to support athletes as full humans through every part of the athletic journey means that Running Wild athletes are valued, seen, and supported no matter where they find themselves in that process.  This consistent guidance allows athletes to continue to develop through the ups and downs of the process - finding self compassion, belief, and fulfillment along the way! 

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