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Mountain and River


"Having Lindsey as a coach is like having your favorite multi-tool in your back pocket. Her availability and guidance in sport, health, nutrition and training is beyond top notch. But, it’s not the expertise or availability that I cherish the most. It’s that I’ve handed her my favorite thing (running) and she holds it with love and support which for me is the only way I can progress." - Gretchen

"Lindsey helped me rebuild my fitness after major surgeries and coached me to complete my first 100 miler, where I won my age group!  Lindsey is communicative, attentive, supportive, and kind.  She provides excellent feedback and makes adaptations to training based on athlete feedback.  I am so grateful to Lindsey for all she has done for me." -Ilyce

"I have been working with Lindsey for 1.5 years, and the experience has been great! Her very insightful coaching helped me greatly to develop as a runner (not just by running longer and faster and getting PRs, but by setting me up on a good sustainable long-term trajectory that includes health and joy for the sport). In addition to it, Lindsey's personality and communication style are awesome, which makes the overall process even more fun." -Ilya

Running Wild Race Accomplishments

Running Wild has athletes who crush every distance, from 1 mile races on the track up to 250+ miles on the trails. Other Running Wild athletes don't race at all. This is a small sample of some major races where my athletes have found success, though I pride myself on supporting athletes through the tough race days, like DNFS, equally as well.

  • Moab 240

  • Leadville Trail 100 Run

  • Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB)

  • Boston Marathon

  • Rio del Lago 100

  • Black Canyons 100k

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